Hellows people!!!!

I am a 4rm Dehradun the beautiful valley in the north of India. This idea of writing a blog cropped in my mind after i quit my job and sat idle for 10 days. as its sed ‘khali dimag shaitan ka ghar’.

Btw i hav tried working at a lot of places and at varied fields… but nothing could make me stay. I get bored so damm quickly… and that reminds me to tell you all that i am a Gemini. People plant trees on my birthday… yeah yeah its a big day!!!!! afterall i ws born on that day 🙂

I went mad finding a good name for my blog and then finally decided on d angelic devil!! cz dats wat i really am 🙂

so stay tuned guys.. dre is lots to come 😉

loadsa love


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